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"Cartier" - Five advertisement videos
Music Compositio, SFX and Production

"VHF" - SocietyMGMT
Music Composition and Production

Fashion Collection  - Fendi
Music Composition & Production

"No Remorse" - Diamond Head (Metallica cover)

album single


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Ras has been at the heart of this record. Not only is he the lead singer in Diamond Head, but he also wrote all the lyrics, co-wrote the music, provided stunning orchestration and produced and mixed all the album at his music dojo, Raw Sound Studio, in London. He is a hugely talented guy. 


With a band like Diamond Head who has had a vast career spanning over 40 years it is not easy to produce a record that echoes the past and fits in the future. It’s a massive challenge that I feel Ras really rose up to. The Coffin Train has all of the elements of what made Diamond Head great at its peak, but translated for the 21st century.   


I’m incredibly proud of this record and what Ras has produced and can’t wait for its release on May 24th 2019.


Brian Tatler (Diamond Head)


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