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Are You Apocalypse Ready?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The long awaited release of Imaginactive's Apocalypse Survival Training fitness app is almost here - we are so close to having this adventure out in the world for everyone to enjoy!

Apocalypse Survival Training (or AST for short) is an audio fitness adventure that takes the listener on a journey to save the world and to burn some calories while being entertained. In the story the user not only listens, but is also the main character of the story. Check out the website for more information the app and how it works: https://www.apocalypsesurvivaltraining.com/

At Raw Sound Studio we recorded, mixed and produced all the vocal performances including creating the 3D binaural experience that locates the user in the centre of the soundscape and composing the adrenaline pumping score to suit the action, suspense and relaxing parts of the story and workout. The apocalyptic sound effects and design were made by BAFTA award winning game designer Adam Hay and then mixed with the vocals and music at Raw Sound Studio.

Most recently we've been working on the first video ad for their marketing and it sets up the concept very well. We look forward to sharing it all when it has been made public.

In the meantime follow their socials and website and if you are lucky you could also become part of the early testing team for the app experience.

Check out some examples of the soundtrack and the trailers on the Media page.

Stay tuned for more to come!



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