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The Coffin Train will be released May 24th, 2019

Updated: May 16, 2019

Release date and pre-orders for the next Diamond Head album are here!

Five years ago I became the third lead singer of legendary NWOBHM band Diamond Head. For my second album with the band, in addition to writing and performing the lyrics I also produced and mixed the album here at Raw Sound Studio.

The songs were written together by myself and founding member Brian Tatler and recorded, between touring commitments, at Circle Studios Birmingham, Vigo Studio Walsall and Raw Sound Studio, London.

For my first album with the band, the self-titled Diamond Head in 2016, I was faced with the challenge of writing lyrics to match what we termed 'the Brief', a methodology for producing a new album that harked back to the band's golden age.

For The Coffin Train that challenge was vastly extended to encompass producing a new album that still retained 'the Brief' of the Diamond Head golden era, but with a contemporary sound. My personal goal was to see how far we could push this album in terms of modern production techniques while keeping it familiar to long term fans.

Among many things I experimented with during the production of The Coffin Train was multiple track layers for instruments and vocals and also adding orchestral soundscapes to key tracks as the latter was well received on the 2016 album.

At the time of writing this blog the first two singles Belly Of The Beast and Death By Design have been released with their videos and been very well received by fans online.

The press has also been praising the album throughout our press tour, but I'm more excited to hear how the fans will feel about this new record.

The Coffin Train is due to be released on May 24th 2019 via Silver Lining Music and pre orders are ready to roll out. Get your copies early and subscribe to the band's socials for any early signed copies, competitions and breaking news!






Pre order "The Coffin Train" - http://hyperurl.co/TheCoffinTrain

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